Scar removal

Wash your face regularly to remove dirt and dust

Skincare is very necessary for every individual. The people are conscious of their looks and want that their skin looks beautiful and attractive. They have to follow a strict skin routine that includes a cleanser, toners astringent, scrubbers, and face mask. The ladies who apply makeup regularly should lay special emphasis on choosing the right product. Skincare products are advertised on different media and people are influenced by them. They tend to use wrong skincare products without reading the ingredients mentioned on the label.

 There are a few superficial reasons for the occurrence of acne and pimples.

     1. Hormonal imbalance

     2. Excess secretion of sebum or oil

     3. PH balance of the skin

     4. Accumulation of dead cells in hair follicles

     5. Clogged pores of sebaceous glands with bacteria

     The reasons for the acne and pimples aggravation

Hormonal imbalance– the more the secretion of the hormone androgen in males and females the more is the outburst of acne. Hormonal imbalance during the time of pregnancy is another reason for acne formation. The intake of oral contraceptives to prevent pregnancy is also a reason for acne. Less secretion of androgen in females is also a cause of acne and pimples.

Medications. The use of testosterone, steroids, and antibiotics containing lithium is the cause of acne formation.

Choice of face washes before the eruption aid acne and pimples- the skin has a specific pH balance and skin acts as a barrier against bacteria and fungus. The skin has to be looked after with a specific face wash that does not disturb the pH level of the skin. The no scar face wash usually contains benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid as the main ingredients but these things may harm the skin. A complete analysis of skin is necessary and a face wash should be used according to the skin type. A face wash that disturbs the pH level makes the skin dry and patchy.

Choice of face wash after the outburst of acne- there is innumerable face wash in the market. The face wash should be chosen wisely after checking the reasons for acne formation on your skin. The acne is formed due to many reasons and they are of different types and sizes. The keloid scars formed after acne vanishes are raised scars. The scars are formed due to the loss of tissue or excess formation of tissues. These scars are removed by choosing the right face wash. Regular and proper use of acne removal face wash makes your skin healthy and glowing.

 Scar removal face wash should be applied to a wet face. It should be taken in small quantities and massaged gently on the affected area. It should be washed off completely with the help of normal water. The face should not be rubbed harshly with the towel to make it dry. Apply a scar removal face cream after that. The cream should be applied with a gentle hand. The use of sunscreen is necessary if you are moving out in the sun. It acts as a shield against the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun.

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