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Top Wedding Rings Trends for 2020

While wedding rings are a glamorous affair, the men’s wedding ring is a fairly simple affair. Often made of a single material, mostly metal, this piece of jewelry has barely ever been considered to be a big fashion statement. However, in recent years, the men’s wedding ring has also found its fashion quotient and innovations on this piece have been seeing brighter days. Here are the top 8 wedding ring trends that are projected to make waves in 2020.

  1.     Rose Gold

 Although not a traditional material for a man’s wedding ring, the material is a great option given its simplicity and striking color. If you are not a fan of the traditional yellow hue of gold but think silver is too plain, this pinkish glow of the rose gold ring is exactly what he would love. It is not pink enough for it to look fake but in fact, has a very subtle glow to it that makes the ring unique and interesting. You can keep it simple with a plain rose gold band or go for a diamond-studded one if you want this to be slightly extravagant.

  1.     Two-tone Rings

If a rose gold ring is too groundbreaking for your man, pick out a two-tone ring where the outside is a traditional white gold, platinum or black tungsten but the inside is plated with rose gold. This not only gives the ring a fun two-tone, it also breaks the monotony. The rose gold forms a thin line along the outer edge of the ring or be hidden when you have the ring on your finger.

  1.     Sanded textures

 While 2019 was all about the geometric effect of hammered textures, 2020 is all about subtlety. The sanded texture gives your ring a very rugged, rustic effect without it being too defined. These rings are essentially solid wedding bands but with a little twist that keeps your ring looking fabulous but different.

  1.     Nature Inspired Engravings

Engravings on wedding rings are not anything new. Through the years, couples have had their names, wedding dates or a significant quote engraved on the inside of their rings. But 2020 will see a variety of engravings on the outside of men’s wedding rings giving them a slightly different look. For grooms who love the outdoors, these nature-inspired engravings are a fun addition to their wardrobe. Simple designs like the outline of the mountains, waves or leafy veins are enough to make your ring stand apart.

  1.     Black Gold Plating

 For long, black metal rings for men have been a pretty popular trend for wedding bands. Most men go for tungsten; carbon fiber or titanium specifically lead to a solid black gold band would probably cost more than the budget of the entire wedding. As an inexpensive alternative to that, you can go for a black gold-plated ring which has a cheaper metal under it such as stainless steel or silver. The plating will completely cover the base giving it the look of a solid black gold ring.

  1.     Silver & gold

 If you are ready to ditch the traditional single metal wedding band, this one might just be the one for you. To break the clutter of gold and silver rings, you can get a ring that has the style element of both. You can get a ring with a certain depth and perspective with the combination of these two materials. You can have a sliver of gold in between a silver band or vice versa. Alternatively, getting an intricate design such as a Celtic knot made of one metal overlaid onto another can be a great innovative way of using two metals.

  1.     Vibrant Colors

Moving away from the traditional black, yellow, gray and white of wedding bands, 2020 is all about incorporating that pop of color into your ring. Whether you get a solid blue gold ring or get a sliver of a colored metal inlaid between your black or silver ring, this is a look that will stand out and give your ring a unique, one-of-a-kind appeal.

  1.     Gemstones

 Say bye-bye to diamonds on men’s wedding rings in 2020 and go all out with some sparkle in colors. You can get your wedding ring fitted with non-traditional gemstones to give it a much-needed pop of color. If you still want it to be a little conservative, choose a sapphire while for a bold statement, and pick rubies or emeralds.


When it comes to being fashionable, men’s accessories do not need to be left behind due to the unnecessary fear of being out of the box. Innovating with men’s wedding rings seems to be the way to go this year and we do not see any possible diversions from this trend. So get stylish and invest in some different and unique wedding rings.

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