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Pros and Cons of Luminous Inverter

Every inverter has its benefits and disadvantages and so does the Luminous inverter. The Luminous UPS 2.5kva also has its pros and cons. Luminous is one of the leading manufacturers of power backup appliance. It has a diverse portfolio consisting of basic household inverters to modern UPS along with a wide range of inverter batteries.

Here are some of the latest technologies which have been adopted by Luminous which gives these inverters an extra edge over the others:

  1. Inverters with a smart display: the ZELIO series of Luminous inverters is integrated with a smart display to display the various parameters and statuses. It displays the backup time available, the battery charging status as well as the water level.
  2. Multi-storage battery charging: the modern Luminous UPS supports multi-stage battery charging which leads to efficient charging of the batteries. They also support a 3-stage battery charge which is then followed by ABCC technology for optimized battery charging. This also increases the durability of the inverter and battery. The Cruze 2.5kva integrated with this technology which makes it all the more efficient.
  3. Rhino charge for low voltage charging: small towns often have the problem of low voltage supply from the grid. To get rid of this problem, Luminous inverters have come up with the technology of rhino charging. This makes the inverter charge the batteries even at low voltages. The normal batteries are not capable of being charged in low voltage areas.
  4. Comprehensive protection through MCB: Luminous inverters are capable of dealing with high power. They must be covered with multifarious protection methods. Luminous has left no stone unturned. They have ensured the protection of the appliance as well as the security. Ordinary inverters generally use the conventional fuse as protection from the passage of excessive current. An MCB is much more sensitive to overcurrent than a fuse is. MCB is safer than a fuse from an electrical safety perspective. It is easier to identify the faulty zones as the switch operating knob is at the off position during the tripping stage.

Customer support is ls one of the key fortes of Luminous inverters. Providing all their customer’s timely services and have thousands of service professionals who are easy to contact. The customers can raise a service request through a dedicated mobile application or the helpline number which works 24/7. These pros have been testified with the different awards which they have received. They have won the super brand award 3 times in the past decade.

The absence of smart inverter control through the app is one of the drawbacks of a Luminous inverter. Smart inverters from other inverters allow the users to control and monitor the charge of the battery as well as battery wastage.

These are some of the drawbacks and advantages of Luminous inverters. The advantages far outweigh the drawbacks and they are constantly trying to come up with new technologies to support their inverters and make them efficient. 


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