EPG for channel programming

How to create an EPG for channel programming

When looking at the world of entertainment seekers who glue themselves to the television world (or the streaming services or IPTV of today), one factor that stands out is the importance of Electronic Programming Guide or EPG. It is this feature that allows fans of different soap operas to clean their schedules way in advance for capturing the latest gossip in tinsel town. It is this EPG that motivates sports fans to catch their most-awaited season battles right on time, without missing a second of the action. The EPG, even in this evolving 21st-century entertainment world, remains an important benchmark for programming, scheduling, and taking care of the world’s entertainment needs. The changing dynamics of entertainment programming make the challenges of this process more apparent, and one needs to take care of several factors. Any good TV broadcasting software can take care of most of these: –

Choices Galore

The EPG process is not standard across all programming or broadcasting channels or systems. One may come across a single-channel EPG or a multi-channel EPG. Some include advance details of months of schedule, while others will only show an advance schedule of 2-7 days. Yet some channels will include a brief description of the programs or events or movies while others will simply mention the name and possibly the year of production. It is up to the programming and scheduling masters to decide on the parameters of EPG, depending on their understanding of their viewers.

Enhanced Interactive Mode

The new world demands novel solutions. In terms of EPG, this includes not only the names of the shows but also a description, a preview, and maybe even a trailer. The popularity of DVR feature allows for recording of a show so that the hardcore fans of any show do not miss it even if they are stuck at work. The modern television broadcasting scheduling software takes care of this aspect of contemporary lifestyle too for the EPG feature. Moreover, the viewers love being able to mark their favourite shows, bookmark them, or store them for future viewing. It is the blend of these modern interactive modes that elevate the overall standard of the EPG process nowadays and keeps the viewers happy.

Resource Allocation

Technically speaking, the Electronic Programming Guide is a set of data that gobbles up the bandwidth of the broadcaster. It needs to be accurate, fast, and easy-to-use/understand for the viewer. It is thus important for the scheduling and broadcasting authorities to take crucial decisions regarding the flow and frequency of the data to keep the viewer experience optimized.

An Eye on The Future

With IPTV and streaming services continually ruling the roost, the futuristic features, such as AI-powered EPG, are going to become the norm rather than the exception. Every viewer is going to demand not only the ease of looking at the schedule of their favourite programs, but also the enhancement of recommendations based on their search or viewing history, snippets of extra information, a mode to showcase their likes or dislikes, and so on.


The days to come will see a never-before avatar of several TV broadcasting software that would make the creation of EPG for channel programming a breeze for all broadcasters.

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