GRE exam

Get admission in foreign universities by qualifying GRE exam

GRE is commonly known as a Graduate record examination. This exam is given by the students to get entrance into foreign universities for postgraduate and doctorate programs. The exam is conducted by Educational testing services in selected centers all over India. Students can attempt for the GRE test five times in twelve months. The duration of the exam is three hours and forty-five minutes. The test is divided into three sections that are based on the testing of the skills of the student. The student could attempt the GRE after twenty-one days. The GRE prep could be done by knowing the format of paper that is divided into three parts

      1. Verbal reasoning

      2. Quantitative reasoning

      3. Analytical writing

 Verbal reasoning- this section of the paper has two sub-sections. There are twenty questions in each section. You get thirty-five minutes to attempt each section. There are four questions of sentence equivalence, six questions of analytical reading, and ten questions of reading comprehension. The total time to attempt this section is one hour ten minutes.

Quantitative reasoning– this section contains problems related to arithmetic, data analysis, algebra, and geometry. The questions check your arithmetic skills based on your tenth class knowledge. This section is attempted in one hour.

 Analytical writing- this section judges your writing skills and you are given one hour ten minutes to attempt this section.

 There is a method of selecting your exam center and date of the exam. The paper is computer-based and there are only a few places where the exam is paper-based.

 Register on the online website- the first step is to register on the online website of Educational testing services and they will provide you the previous GRE score. You have to select the university for which you are giving the exam

Fill in your details. – You have to fill in the essential credentials and secure the date, day, time and the exam center in advance.

Pay the fees – as you pay the fees online you are provided with the date, day, and time and center of the exam.

 Students have to prepare for the exam and the preparations can be done in three months. There are two options in terms of the means of preparation for the exam. Online preparation and classroom preparation are two options. The online preparation has many benefits-

Convenient and flexible- the children preparing for the GRE may be working in an office or engaged in other activities. Online classes are flexible and can be adjusted according to your daily schedule. You can prepare for exams in your working place or your house thus making your preparation convenient.

Affordable and cost is less- GRE prep could be done by online classes that are more affordable as they save the fuel cost that you spend to reach the classroom. No money is required to buy expensive stationery.

Learning in a personalized way- classroom teaching includes a batch of thirty students who have their strengths and weaknesses. There is a single teacher who solves the problems of all the students. Each student has different strengths and weaknesses and the teacher has to spend time-solving the problems of each student. You may not require the same time for a particular topic as you may be perfect in that part of the subject but you have to attend all the classes in classroom teaching. This problem is solved in online teaching as the student could spend time only on the topics he or she needs practice.

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