travelling in a train

Foods that you can have while travelling in a train

While planning on a vacation, not only do you have to worry about booking tickets or hotels but also you have to keep in mind what to eat while travelling. After all, for long journeys you cannot stay on an empty stomach for a long time and that too, if you have kids. While each one of you will have different opinion in this matter, mothers will never forget to keep some food with them while travelling. Once your bags are packed with all the essentials, don’t forget the food.

During your travel, whether you take the airways, railways or the roadways, it doesn’t matter. What matters most is where you eat and what you eat during the travel. This is the time when usually you don’t get to have a proper meal like when you are at home. While travelling you are most likely to suffer from indigestion, food poisoning, dehydration etc. Keeping in mind about the hygiene or weather condition of the place you are traveling to or on your way, you really need to be careful about what you eat.

What to eat

It is always better to be cautious of what you eat on your way to your destination. It is not always possible to carry food with you. It may get spoiled and start causing serious health problems. While you may carry packaged and processed food, yet it may not be a really great idea.

Home cooked food can be a good idea but you need to consume them as early as possible. Now, the best part is that you can find food on train. You can order them online and let them know your details about the train and the food will reach you on the right time. It is the same with the airways.

In case you are not satisfied, what you can do is take home cooked food with you. You can also carry food items that has got a longer shelf life like biscuits, cakes, cookies etc. these can be good for munching all the way to your destination.

Apart from the ones already mentioned you can carry the following too-

  • Banana chips are available in the market easily. You can try to make at home as well.
  • You can also carry whole fruits with you or buy them on your way. But make sure not to eat cut fruits that hawkers are selling as they may be contaminated causing health problems.
  • Muffin, cookies, biscuits, cakes, nuts and chocolates usually have a longer shelf life and remain fresh for a long time. You can carry them with you for snacking all the way to your destination. If you have kids, these will be helpful to satisfy their frequent hunger pangs.

These foods last for a long time if they are stored properly. All these can be carried with you as snacks. Apart from these you always order food while on train or plane. But do remember to maintain hygiene while travelling.

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