Nightlife in Chennai

Exploring Temples, Monuments, Cuisine and Nightlife in Chennai

This pilgrim town, some time ago known as Madras, has followed development to have become India’s fourth biggest city. This busy but brilliant Indian city will undoubtedly have something on offer for all the tourists! Chennai is a sharp contrast from Mumbai. If you have already been to Mumbai for a while, it is time to check out Mumbai Bangalore flights on your next holiday and see a totally different world altogether!

Exploring main tourist attractions in Chennai

Developed by the British East India Company in 1640, Fort St. George today houses the authoritative parliament of Tamil Nadu. It is the place that showcases Chennai’s provincial history additionally includes a historical center, a library and the most seasoned Anglican church in India. The Fort Museum houses military memorabilia of the British and the French East Indian Companies and additionally of the British Raj and the Muslim organizations. One of the world’s longest shorelines of Marina Beach does not comprise of just element water and sand, it is additionally home to several food vendors offering snacks, refreshments and trinkets – a beacon with all encompassing perspectives of Chennai.

Scrumptious foods and nightlife Chennai

South Indian food, likewise alluded to as Dravidian, as a rule comprises of dishes eaten with steamed rice. Tamil food, celebrated for the utilization of an assortment of flavors, prescribes that one includes into the meals all the six tastes. A Thali here is generally served on a banana leaf. Eateries are frequently are marked as hotels on the signs outside, on which, for the most part, it is additionally stated if the specific eatery serves meat or not. The majority of the great eateries in Chennai are situated in the city’s upscale sectors and are known for their lunch buffets. Chennai’s nightlife scene has been extending as of late, yet because of the regulations, the greater part of the bars and dance clubs are found in the posh hotels exclusively. The greater part of the bars in Chennai close by the midnight.

Shopping to the heart’s content

Shopping in Chennai is simple and fun as it is so in any other part of the country. One can discover anything from conventional handiwork to the most recent computerized items. Popular stuff that tourists buy around here are the palm leaf mats, gems, bronze and metal castings, stone carvings from the adjacent town of Mamallapuram, garments, and the well known Kanchipuram silk sarees.

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