Right Office Chair

Choosing the Right Office Chair

Office chairs are the main attraction of office décor. Moreover, it is a big deal of comfort for long working hours. Before buying an office chair, there are several things one should keep in mind i.e. chair design, looks, adjustability, upholstery, etc.

Unlike chairs at home or lounge, office chairs are often compact but ignoring comfort because of this cannot be an option. Buying it from a store or furniture online store one must keep the specifications in check. Below we have mentioned the features to look for in a good office chair:

  • Back Support: A good chair will be comfortable. It will support your lower back. It will never abrupt your continuous working hours by causing discomfort. The chairs will modifiable lumbar support are the best. It is significant to avoid back strain as minor strains now may become worse and cause serious health issues like lordosis and sciatica etc.
  • Adjustability:People often look for height options but forget about the arm adjustments which is a necessary thing to look for while purchasing an office chair. An office chair must be equipped with adjustable handles for height and arm support. Long and tedious office hours on a chair without arm support adjustment can be a hard cookie to swallow and that too for the long term.
  • Vital features: Key features to look for while buying office chairs may include, arm width and height support, height and width of seat back, angle of seat and back, and stiffness control. The chairs with handheld bulb equipment are easier to control the adaptability of the chair.
  • Wheel Base:Almost all the office chairs have wheelbases; choosing a chair with a strong and smooth wheelbase is a get-go. Big wheels often run smoother than smaller ones. A strong wheelbase selection now will help to prevent strain to reach retrieve your files out of reach.
  • Swivel Base:A good office chair will rotate freely and will allow easy access to other furniture like drawers and tables. If a chair cannot swivel smoothly it can cause arm fatigue as one uses arm force to make the chair move. A swivel before a purchase can save several efforts to reach your files later in real-time.
  • Upholstery: The total comfort of a chair without looking for its upholstery fabric will be incomplete. The fabric should be breathable and should be preventive of heat making it uncomfortable for long sitting hours. The quality and durability of the cushion should be considered while the purchase. The strong abrasion-resistant upholstery fabric is recommended for chairs to look elegant and neat for a longer period.


Office décor is incomplete without good office chairs. Checking for the specifications like design, looks, adjustability, smooth wheelbase, etc will give a complete sense of comfortable sitting hours. A good chair will prevent fatigue and discomfort. Comfortable employees will be able to work with efficiency and deliver good productivity.

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