Capturing Memories on Print

Capturing Memories on Print

Parents often reminiscence about their child’s infant days – how and when they turned over, their first yawn, first smile, when they first stood up etc. truly tiny milestone but very important ones! These are memories they truly cherish and enjoy. However, simply capturing moments through one’s smart phones or smart devices (iPads, tabs etc), is not enough.

This is where newborn photography steps in to save the day. And in a city like Mumbai, newborn photography Mumbai is a raging trend. Every new parent wants baby photo shoot Mumbai to be conducted! In fact, a simple google search will reveal many exciting photographers who do excellent baby photography!

Baby photo shoots or new born photography is a trend on the rise and there is a good reason for it to be so! Unlike studio photography where parents have to flock to the closest studio and pose with same old backgrounds in the same old ways, i.e. tilt your head to the right and smile, baby candid photography puts an end to the boring old ways of indoor photography.

Another reason why photo shoots are becoming increasingly popular is the fact that many young couples stay away from home or hometowns, i.e. they are away from friends and family. They are isolated from people they grew up with. Therefore, photo shoots become a great way to share these moments with immediate or extended family.

Also, candid baby photography is just as its name suggests – candid, i.e. informal. Therefore, it presents a very relaxed atmosphere for the child as well as the parents and family members.

For a new born photo shoot, there are many creative ways in which it can be done:

  1. Depending on the comfort level of the parents, the baby and the photographer, the shoot can be an outdoor one or an indoor one. It can be conducted at home with only close family around. This is a great option as the baby is also very comfortable with its surroundings.
  2. In an outdoor shoot, it is best if the parents, family members and the photographer visit the said destinations so that the baby is comfortable.
  3. Discussing the props as well as costumes beforehand is also a must. It is best to dress the baby in comfortable clothes else everyone is in for a sob fest!
  4. Surrounding the baby with his/her comfort toys, food etc. is also important. If the baby gets upset or cranky these comforters are of great help.
  5. A baby photo shoot can extend to their birthdays also. Birthdays provide ample opportunities for candid pictures. Also, with extended family and friends presents, the variety of pictures increases.

Candid new born photography is definitely a practice new-age parents should indulge in. this is because the infant years will pass on quickly and photographs are a great way to store memories – something so precious yet easily available in the form of pictures.

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