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4 Things in A Wedding Invitation Card That You Should Definitely Get Right.

Wedding invitation cards sure look like a piece of paper, but they are one of the most complicated things about planning an Indian wedding. So we are here to help you get right. There are so many things in a wedding invitation that can be wrong. There have been cases of couples doing multiple rounds of printing  just because a letter or a colour is wrong. The below checklist will help you get the stuff right before you put a lot of money in the wedding invitation planning stage itself. But before you get started you need to take a call on whether you want to print the wedding invitation card or go online. With the former the only thing remaining is going to be to send it to print. The process for the 2 is the same. But given the kind of scenario we are in, it makes sense to go with the online wedding invitation since it is advisable and also impossible to step outside with the corona virus hitting us hard.

Here’s what you should take care of in every stage to be able to get through the wedding invitation process smoothly.


Every wedding has a theme. Yours is going to have a theme too. But having a wedding invitation that does not match the theme is not an optional. Below are some themes you could choose from.

  • Floral Garden
  • Royal
  • Modern
  • Classic
  • Traditional
  • Retro
  • Vintage and many more.

So if you haven’t decided a theme for your wedding then its better you get that out of the way before you choose a card because choosing a wedding invitation that does not match your theme is out of question.


Just like the theme, every wedding has a colour sequence too. While some like to have a golden theme, some more like to have a jhatank pink theme going. Some others also have the standard red theme. Red is pretty much a dominant colour in weddings. So make sure your wedding invitation card matched that wedding colour.


Now these might seem like the least important thing, but it’s actually very important. Imagine your name in the wedding card in a different font and the name on your wedding board in a different font. One might not notice these little things but consistency is the key. Here some points to take care of when you finalise your wedding invitation card.

  • Make sure you don’t use more than 2 fonts in your wedding invitation
  • Make sure your wedding logo is consistent with the font you pick for the wedding invitation.
  • Make sure the wedding board has the same font as your wedding invitation card.


This might be the most annoying part of the process but it needs to be done. Without this there is really no point in sending out the wedding invitation cards. Proofread. Proofread. Proofread. Make 3 other people read it and only then send it out to other people.

So these are the things to take care of while getting your wedding invitation ready.

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